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Saiba Blue is a distilled spirit made from rice. Saiba Blue has a subtle aroma and
smooth clear flavor with minimal aftertaste. 
This makes Saiba Blue an excellent
match not only for sushi and seafood but for any delicately flavored dishes.


Saiba Black is highly recommended to enjoy with beef dishes. Saiba Black also
pairs nicely with meat dishes and other rich savory foods.

What you should know:
This distilled shouchu, made of rice from a region well known for producing  qualityrice, differs from sake and contains no sugar.

Only rice, water,koji and yeast are used as well as being gluten free.

Coffee Liqueur Ku Ro Ro

Key ingredients are Kuma shochu, produced using artesian water from mountains in the Kyushu area, and carefully cultivated organic coffee beans. The ideal balance of flavor and aroma was selected from among 380 combinations. In contrast to most liqueurs that contain sugar, Ku Ro Ro is a sugar-free beverage that you can enjoy in any way you like.
It is particularly delicious when mixed with warm water.